Why Disabled People Fear Assisted Suicide


A great opinion piece by Jamie Hale begins with a photo of two women in wheelchairs, seated in front of several artful props that suggest a graveyard. The photo has a caption above and below: I can seeno safeguards to prevent people beingpressured into ending their lives. What we need is more support to live . . .  ‘All I see is a system which divides lives, offering suicide prevention to some, and euthanasia to others.’ Campaigners against assisted suicide outside the Royal Courts of Justice in London.”

The article itself begins:

Opposition to assisted suicide – also called assisted dying – is characterized as being the preserve of the religious, stuffy and outdated, like religious opposition to gay marriage and abortion. In reality, some of the loudest voices opposing it are those of people with disabilities – because we have the most to fear. A poll done by Scope (a disability charity) showed that the majority of disabled people (64%) were concerned about moves to legalize assisted suicide.

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