WI Assisted Suicide Bill to Force MD Complicity

WI Assisted Suicide Bill to Force MD Complicity

US assisted suicide advocates pretend a lot of things. One is that no doctor will ever be forced to participate in an assisted suicide.

But once in awhile they reveal their actual intentions.

Case in point: A new bill in Wisconsin would force every doctor asked for an assisted suicide by a legally eligible patient to either do the deed or find a doctor who will. From AB 216 (my emphasis):

(1) No health care facility or health care provider may be charged with a crime, held civilly liable, or charged with unprofessional conduct for any of the following:

(a) Failing to fulfill a request for medication, except that failure of an attending physician to fulfill a request for medication constitutes unprofessional conduct if the attending physician refuses or fails to make a good faith attempt to transfer the requester’s care and treatment to another physician who will act as attending physician under this chapter and fulfill the request for medication.

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