World’s oldest man Masazo Nonaka dead at 113 just months after claiming title


A great deal of media attention was given to 104 year-old Australian scientist, David Goodall, last year when he decided that he was ready to die, even though he had no terminal illness, and traveled to Switzerland to commit assisted suicide.  Masazo Nonaka chose a different path, illustrating the impact that family support can play at the end of life.


“The world’s oldest living man has died at the age of 113 at his home in Japan, less than a year after he claimed the title.  Masazo Nonaka, who was recognised by Guinness World Records in April last year, was found in bed by his family on Sunday morning after apparently dying in his sleep.

Mr Nonaka’s family said they noticed he wasn’t breathing and a doctor later pronounced him dead.


They told Japanese media that Mr Nonaka – who had put his longevity down to hot springs and sweets – appeared to be fine before he went to bed on Saturday.  Mr Nonaka’s granddaughter, Yuko, said her family has been able to live a happy life thanks to him, NHKreported.


She said she misses her grandfather but she has no regrets because he spent his final moments at home and died with dignity.”


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