Advance Directive

The Patients Rights Action Fund is excited to be able to offer a new, free downloadable advanced directive form to California residents.  If you live in a state other than California, you should have the document reviewed for legality in your state or you can contact the Patients Rights Council for an advance directive that is specific to your state.  


This document was created collaboratively with lawyers, physicians and disability rights advocates, all familiar with the potential complexity of end-of-life situations to ensure your rights are represented if something were to happen to you.  All believe that assisted suicide is not the solution to patients’ fears and hopes for care.

Download the advance directive below

Note, given the complexity of the situations your agent(s) might face, the advanced directive is most helpful and meaningful if you have had comprehensive conversations with your agent(s) about your:


(1) practical goals and


(2) guiding principles for your care


We recommend reviewing our “Companion Document” and the “Conversation Project” for step-by-step questions and considerations to guide these critically important conversations with your agent(s).

Listen to the podcast below to learn more about advance directives and why it’s important that everyone have one, no matter what age you are.


***This website is not intended to provide legal advice.  It is merely a guide, and reflects one view of Advance Directives.  It can be beneficial to consult with an attorney regarding your Advance Directive. However, the intention of these documents on Advance Directives is to enable and encourage all capable adults to fill out an Advance Directive on their own.***

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