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Stephanie Packer’s Story

Assisted Suicide: Cheap Substitute for Care Stephanie Packer’s Story “I was stunned that much cheaper lethal drugs would be available to me rather than treatment to save my life, but fortunately, I eventually received coverage for the treatment I sought.” When in 2016 Stephanie, 32 and a mother of 4, was diagnosed with scleroderma, the

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Dr. Laura Petrillo’s Story

Physician-Assisted Death: Not an Acceptable Answer from the Medical Community   “We have an urgent responsibility to improve the experience of dying so no one feels the only option to maintain their dignity is to hasten their death.” Dr. Laura Petrillo works everyday with patients who are learning to live with chronic and terminal illness.

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Inmate Seeks Assisted Suicide Despite being Treatable

  Larry Smith, an inmate with throat cancer in Maine is enlisting the help of Maine’s so-called “Death With Dignity” law to end his life through assisted suicide.  Smith has Stage 2 throat cancer. A Stage 2 diagnosis is early and likely treatable. Smith is currently receiving treatment for his cancer while incarcerated. But in

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John Kelly’s Story

Assisted Suicide: Deadly Discrimination John Kelly’s Story   “I emerged paralyzed below the shoulders. Individuals told me directly that they would rather be dead than like me, while movies and TV showed characters with my disability clamoring for death.” Since emerging paralyzed from a spinal cord injury more than 30 years ago, John has fought

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Ruthie Poole’s Story

Assisted Suicide: Abuses and Coercions   Ruthie Poole’s Story   “I am Ruthie Poole, president of M-POWER, a statewide group made up of people with lived experience of mental health diagnosis, trauma, and addiction. As people with psychiatric disabilities, M-POWER members feel passionate about the right to self-determination. However, that is not what assisted suicide

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A black woman helps an elderly blac wan out of a wicker chair. The woman wears a yellow sweater and the man wears a blue sweater.

Underserved Communities, Hospice, and Healthcare Inequity

The Black Wall Street Times reports that a hospice organization in Tennessee is filling the gap in inequitable end-of-life care by catering specifically to the Black families in their community. The article reports that in Tennessee, just 19% of hospice patients are Black, despite Black families making up 27% of the population in the state.

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Filmmaker Jaime Osorio Marquez stands in front of a white wall. He has dark curly hair that falls in his face and is wearing a white shirt and black puffer jacket. He looks into the camera with a neutral expression.

Choosing death over Interdependence

HBO Max’s “A Thousand Fangs” director Jaime Osorio Márquez died by assisted suicide in Colombia on December 23, 2021, after a years-long fight with kidney cancer. He was 46 years old. His producing partner and friend, Federico Duran, reportedly communicated that Osorio was compelled to end his life before he became a burden on his

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Austria allows “right” to assisted suicide

Starting in 2022, Austrians who are “chronically, seriously ill or have no prospect of recovery will be able to state their will to die” and be given suicide assistance. The article published by the Associated Press calls this allowance to die by assisted suicide “tightly limited”. These “tightly limited” allowances enable people with disabilities to

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The Real Debate on Assisted Suicide

Recently, The New York Times wrote about the assisted suicide debate being inflamed by Philip Nitschke’s suicide pod. Besides the disquieting thought of a personalized gas chamber invented by the man who wants to make suicide available to everyone without barriers, the Sarco pod does not actually ignite the debate on assisted suicide. The device

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Some patients get suicide prevention while others get suicide assistance.

Assisted suicide is dangerous and discriminatory. One example of this is that some medical professionals decide which patients to give suicide prevention to and which patients to assist.  “Interviews with hospice staff in Washington in the US, where a form of medically assisted dying is available, found that they encountered different types of suicide, and

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Oncologists say Cancer Patients Experience Mental Distress. Assisted Suicide is not the answer.

    Cancer Patients are Suffering From Mental Distress According to Healthline, research shows more than 80% of oncologists say they frequently see mental health distress in their patients; more than 90% of oncologists agree or strongly agree that mental health has a significant impact on cancer outcomes; approximately 93% of oncologists surveyed say they’ve

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Suicide Contagion is REAL and Assisted Suicide is part of the problem

  The Devastating Reality of Suicide Contagion The New York Times investigative team talks about a disturbing discovery on an episode of The Daily podcast titled “Kids Are Dying How Are These Sites Still Allowed?” and a companion article called “Where the Despairing Log On, and Learn Ways to Die” The podcast is about websites that exist online where

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Sarco suicide pod, a purple, plastic, futuristic looking looking coffin with smooth sides sits on display in a white room.

3D Printers and Suicide Contagion

Dr. Philip Nitschke of Exit International, whose mission is to normalize and regularize suicide, has created the Sarco Suicide Pod. The pod floods with nitrogen and reduces oxygen, activated by the person laying inside, killing in minutes. The Sarco pod advertises a pain and drug-free method of suicide. The Sarco pod is making headlines because

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Same day Suicides and California’s loosened “safeguards”

Yesterday’s “safeguards”, which proponents use to get laws passed in the first place, become today’s obstacles. In January 2020, Oregon adjusted the safeguard requiring a 15-day waiting period between the formal request for lethal drugs and receiving the prescription. Starting in January 2022, California’s waiting period will be reduced from 15 days to a meager

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Tahni Morell and Family Story

  Assisted Suicide: Doctors Make Mistakes Tahni Morell and Family Story   “My late husband, Paul, fought an 8 year battle against colorectal cancer. Six of those years were after being given a Stage 4 diagnosis. Paul lived far longer than any prognosis ever given to him by his skilled doctors at Dana Farber in

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Assisted Suicide and the “Burden” on Doctors

Patients from around the world travel to Switzerland to end their lives at euthanasia clinics inside the country’s border. Erika Preisig, President at a Swiss assisted suicide clinic, and proponent of the practice calls the burden on doctors to choose which patients live and which die difficult, but justifies it with a quality of life

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Hospice and Palliative Care Month: Neither Hastens Nor Prevents

Hospice and palliative care neither hasten nor prevent death, as founded by Dame Cicely Saunders. The vast majority of those who work in hospice and palliative care practice according to this philosophy. Assisted suicide proponents, however, are trying to co-opt this medical speciality and make killing patients part of relieving their pain. The top five

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Orange prescription pill bottle laying on a table with white pills spilling out of it.

Assisted Suicide Proponent Files Lawsuit to Remove Residency Requirement in Oregon

Dr. Nick Gideonse and Compassion and Choices filed a lawsuit challenging the residency requirement in Oregon, a “safeguard” in the law that requires patients seeking assisted suicide to live in the state.  This lawsuit, if successful, will end in Swiss-style suicide tourism for people with life-threatening disabilities. By seeking to ban residency requirements, this case

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