Assisted Suicide Laws:
Steal Away Autonomy

Selfie of an older white woman and a teenage boy with brown hair. Both look into the camera without smiling.

Brianna Hammond

“As a disability-rights advocate, I am concerned about choice, self-determination, and bodily autonomy 

and that is why I am opposed to the legalization of doctor-assisted suicide.”

Brianna Hammond has a chronic disability and depends on life-preserving treatments. Although there is no cure for her condition, pain-relieving medications and other treatments that ease her condition are invaluable and help her live her life to the fullest. Her fight for proper care is a constant battle against biased medical professionals who look at her wheelchair and speech device as signs her life is not dignified, and insurance companies who wish to cut costs. Brianna acknowledges that, even as a fighter with a supportive family, there are times when the constant fight for care and the need to defend her own dignity deeply discourage her.

Oregon reports reveal that patients request assisted suicide because of untreated disability-related concerns. Brianna knows that legalizing assisted suicide in her state will simply limit her autonomy by depriving her of medical choice. Public policy that puts her autonomy at further risk when it is hard-fought for to begin with is irresponsible.http://www.rgj.com/storyopinion/voices/2019/02/1\9/assisted-suicide-invites-discrimination-against-poor-disabled-hammon/2919650002

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