Not an Acceptable Answer from the Medical Community

Close up of a white woman with brown hair. She wears a white lab coat that says Laura Petrillo Hospital Medicine on the front in blue letters.

Laura Petrillo, MD

“We have an urgent responsibility to improve the experience of dying so no one feels
the only option to maintain their dignity is to hasten their death.”

Dr. Laura Petrillo works everyday with patients who are learning to live with chronic and terminal illness. Medical literature indicates that inequality leads to earlier and greater effects of aging among patients from disadvantaged groups who then face under or over-treatment by the medical community. With these facts in the background, some groups want to legalize physician-assisted death.

Our flawed health care system, steep medical costs, and ageism all contribute to push for physician-assisted death, which is an incredibly inappropriate solution to real end-of-life concerns.

People are already dying prematurely in this present system. Physician-assisted death will simply cause more to die before they should.


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