Assisted Suicide Laws:
The Doctor, Not the Patient, Decides

An older white woman with light blonde hair sits on a couch. She wears a white shirt under a light pink sweater.

Jeanette Hall

“If my doctor had believed in assisted suicide, I wouldn’t be here today.”

Oregonian Jeanette Hall was diagnosed with cancer in 2000, and asked her doctor to prescribe lethal assisted suicide drugs. Fortunately, her doctor had a longstanding relationship with her and recognized the request as a cry for help, assessing his patient’s real need in spite of the law. He encouraged her to pursue treatment and she is still alive today! Unfortunately, not everyone has such a dedicated physician.

In Oregon, depending on the year, 60%-90% of patients received a lethal prescription from a doctor referred by non-profits that push for assisted suicide laws, not their own physicians.*


*The concentration of Oregon’s Assisted Suicide Prescriptions & Deaths from a Small Number of Prescribing Physicians



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