Assisted Suicide Laws: Corrodes Trust Between Doctor and Patient

A woman sits on a chair against the wall in a hallway. She has short dark hair, tan skin, and wears a black shirt.

Kathryn Judson

“I was afraid to leave my husband alone…”

Kathryn Judson brought her very ill husband to a doctor in Oregon expecting he would get the proper care. Instead, she overheard the doctor recommend use of the assisted suicide law, telling him Kathryn might be spared much pain if he used the law. Could Kathryn ever trust her husband to an unknown medical professional again?

Trust is of inestimable importance to every doctor-patient relationship. The medical community is already perceived as prioritizing cost savings over patient-centered care. Legalizing assisted suicide adds to distrust specifically among disability groups and BIPOC communities; patients do not need another reason to distrust their doctors.

Second Thoughts, Coercion, and Abuse:


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