Assisted Suicide Laws:
Vulnerable Patients are at Risk of Coercion

An older white man sits on a bench in a park facing away from the camera.

Patrick Matheny

“We do not know exactly how he helped this person swallow, whether it was putting a feeding tube down or whatever,
but he was not prosecuted…”*

After receiving a lethal prescription of assisted suicide drugs via Federal Express, Patrick Matheny’s brother-in-law helped him take the drugs. It is unknown whether Matheny was coerced into “ingesting” the drugs.

Ten percent of older persons (sixty and older) are abused every year in the United States.* Not every person has a loving family and assisted suicide puts those people at risk of deadly harm.


*http://www.healthprofessionalssayno.info/uploads/1/0/9/2/109258189/oregon_abuses_and_complications.pdf Page 1


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