Patients’ Rights Action Fund Statement on Passage of SB 88 in Connecticut

March 8, 2022 

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Patients’ Rights Action Fund Statement on Passage of SB 88 in Connecticut


Bill Would Legalize Assisted Suicide


New York — On March 4th, 2022, the Connecticut Public Health Committee, a Joint Committee of the Connecticut General Assembly, passed SB 88, a bill to legalize assisted suicide in Connecticut.

“The Connecticut General Assembly should reject SB 88. Legalizing assisted suicide is not the answer to the challenge of providing quality care to people with life-threatening disability. As a society we must be better than that,” said Matt Vallière, Executive Director of the Patients’ Rights Action Fund.

The records from states with assisted suicide laws demonstrate the truth about this dangerous public policy that provides strong evidence why the Connecticut General Assembly should oppose SB 88.

  • They discriminate against people with disabilities. If you are a person with life-threatening disability and go to your doctor expressing suicidal thoughts, it would be legal for the doctor to coach you on suicide and provide a prescription to take your own life, rather than suicide prevention counseling that an otherwise non-disabled person who presents with suicidal thoughts would receive. This is wrong.

  • Regulation and reporting are extremely lax, making it very difficult to assess if the law is being followed or working as promised. Washington state is an example of this lax following of the law. For instance, they don’t really know how many people used the prescription, if they lived longer than 6 months, or whether they had access to other options, like mental health care and home health.

“People with disabilities should be treated with equality in care and human dignity. So instead of creating an environment where they will be discriminated against and or pressured (even if unintentionally) into assisted suicide, we should put our resources and efforts toward improved access to the care they need,” Vallière concluded.


The Patients’ Rights Action Fund is a leading national organization dedicated to protecting the rights of patients and individuals with disabilities from the dangers and discrimination of assisted suicide laws. Through supporting coalitions, activists, and patients, PRAF advocates for the right to equal access to end-of life care.


For more information visit: https://patientsrightsaction.org/

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