Patient’s Rights Action Fund Statement on Gideonse V. Brown Settlement

March 29, 2022 

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Statement of the Patient’s Rights Action Fund on Gideonse V. Brown Settlement


This settlement sets a legal and policy precedent that will have unintended consequences for the state, country, Oregon physicians and, most importantly, for persons with disabilities. The settlement will:

  • Allow citizens of other states where assisted suicide is illegal to utilize Oregon’s law.
  • Open Oregon up as a haven for non-residents seeking assisted suicide by either traveling to Oregon or requesting lethal drugs using Telehealth.
  • Put persons with disabilities at even greater risk of being pressured to end their lives by expanding the Oregon law to the entire country.

Instead of expanding assisted suicide laws, we should instead look to improve end-of-life care for the terminally ill and create better access and care for persons with disabilities. As public policy assisted suicide is not an answer – it is simply giving up.


The Patients’ Rights Action Fund is a leading national organization dedicated to protecting the rights of patients and individuals with disabilities from the dangers and discrimination of assisted suicide laws. Through supporting coalitions, activists, and patients, PRAF advocates for the right to equal access to end-of life care.




For more information visit: https://patientsrightsaction.org/




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