Senator Sweeney’s Shady Maneuver to Advance Assisted Suicide in NJ

Assisted suicide opponents are accusing Democrats in New Jersey of manipulating the legislative process to pass the controversial bill.

On Thursday, the Senate Committee on Health, Human Services, and Seniors voted 6-3 to advance legislation that would allow doctors to prescribe lethal medication to patients diagnosed with terminal illnesses. The result came after New Jersey Senate President Stephen Sweeney and bill co-sponsor Nicholas Scutari, D-Union, took part in the vote despite the fact that they do not sit on the committee. The two Democrats they replaced on the committee, Gloucester Sen. Fred Madden and Essex Sen. Ronald Rice, voted against assisted suicide in 2016…

“It really was stacking the deck. Obviously, they replaced what they knew were two ‘no’ votes with two people they knew were ‘yes’ votes,” she said. “It would never have made it out of committee otherwise.”

Neither Sweeney, nor Scutari returned request for comment about the process used for sitting them on the committee for the vote.

“The Senate President decides these assignments, and he’s very much in favor of the bill,” Tasy said.

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