There is no ‘healthcare’ involved in physician-assisted suicide

Even in our modern age of miraculous scientific advancements, some medical professionals are working to drag us back to the dark ages. In a recent collaborative opinion article, Doctors Josh Bloom and Henry Miller used the horrors of Alzheimer’s disease as the case in point why we should liberalize even more the regulation of physician-assisted suicide.

These doctors do themselves, and the rest of the medical community, a grave disservice.

In their article, they write, “If the goal of physician-assisted suicide is to prevent unnecessary suffering, then why are Alzheimer’s patients and their families forced to suffer for years with no recourse while people with a shorter-duration terminal disease that don’t impair their thinking have the right to choose their own fates?”

This is not only a vast oversimplification of the options available to patients in allowing natural death through palliative and hospice care, but it is a gross expansion of physician-assisted suicide which would shake the foundations of the practice of medicine in America and the doctor-patient relationship.

Furthermore, they are opening the doors for a family member, or another surrogate, to push for assisted suicide instead of the patient, which implies that it would no longer even be suicide. In Alzheimer’s cases, their mental incapacity takes the choice out of the hands of the patient, as they can no longer make critical decisions. Further normalizing assisted suicide, more accurately here “assisted killing,” would take our society frighteningly closer to sanctioning and encouraging euthanasia as is seen in Europe.

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